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Rose Records

x1 Latin Grammy® Winners x1 HMMA Winners
x3Latin Grammy Nominees, x3 HMMA Nominees



Rose Records is our record label and publishing division where we work in partnership with a roster of select artists to further their careers by working as a team, pursuing clear objectives with solid strategies.

In only one year of existence, our label was awarded the Latin Grammy® for Best Instrumental Album for "Terra" by Daniel Minimalia, who also won the Hollywood Music Award after several nominations, an award to which Miguel Tena and Cristian Larrosa have also been nominated in the Latin category with the single "Un Minuto Más". 

We work with an attractive, fresh and diverse catalog of various genres such as Hard Rock, Synth Pop, Bedroom Pop, Urban Acoustic, Latin Ballad, instrumental or Pop/Funk in both Spanish and English, along with an extensive alternative of cover versions. 

Do you want to send us your material?


Due to the large amount we receive from so many artists, we are only reviewing material that Larrosa Music Group's A&R's consideronly the material that Larrosa Music Group's A&R's consider, through the ListenYou are also guaranteed to get an honest and professional feedback, along with some helpful advice, so thank you for your understanding!

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