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What are

SongShares are the new fractionalized shares of SEC-certified music royalty streams that anyone can buy.

Rights owners can sell a percentage of any royalty stream from a song directly to their fans or to music investors in the SongVest database.

Why sell SongShares?

SongShares are easy to sell. We do all the hard work. And there are no upfront costs for rights owners.


Unlocks revenue

Generate new income to create other projects or to donate to an NGO.


Motivated fans

Engaged fans
are motivated fans and are financially incentivized to generate buzz and spread the message.


Marketing support

Marketing support from SongVest
marketing support from SongVest, including email marketing to the investor database, social support and paid expenses.



Continuous commitment

Create quarterly reminders for investors with royalty distributions or advertising opportunities.


Promotional tool


Use it as a promotional tool during downtime to keep your fans engaged.
Include exclusive perks and access, merchandising or digital goods for fans.

SongVest creates a new type of fan: the inverter fan.

Superfans listen to your music, buy VIP tickets to your concerts and buy your merchandise.
But if you don't keep them engaged with new and exciting experiences, they can't do much else in the end.

What about creating a new level of superfan?
One that will stay with you forever. One that not only consumes your products, but helps you promote them. What if you could empower this new group of Superfans to invest in and be part of your success?


SongShares allows hundreds and thousands of fans to buy a share of your royalty streams and share in your revenue.
These new fan investors have a connection to the royalty royalties for life, and that moves them from consumers to entrepreneurs.

This is how it works: from royalty stream to royalty share.


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